Business Transformation Trends 2020+

Business Transformation in the 3rd Digital Decade

Explore & Share Latest Trends with Experts

Join us on Saturday 25th of January for a full day of Business Trend Watching 'Beyond the hype' @ Co.Station (just next to Central Station BXL).

9 SENIOR SPEAKERS from companies like Ernst & Young and Creando will enlighten you on trends in areas like Open Innovation & Intrapreneurship, Artificial Intelligence,Talent & Career Management, Organizational Design, Digital Transformation, Technology Enablement,... Some of the top speakers of our 2018 Seminar are back !

Our goal with this Seminar is to share knowledge, experience and perspectives with you on Business Transformation Trends for 2020 and beyond for consideration, evaluation, and application. The focus will  be on the benefits of new Trends and the problems they solve, rather than on going in-depth into Technologies or Solutions.

If you’re eager to learn about how these Trends can impact your business or get fresh new insights on what Intrapreneurship means to you, this Seminar is the ideal event.

But that’s not all… We will also have startups testifying on their Open Innovation experience, an interactive session, an outdoor break in Brussels and a "2020 proof" lunch (with some 2020 gastronomic novelties for you to discover), ….

During the Lean Startup New Year reception afterwards, you can network your heart out.


Join us on Saturday 25th of January for a full day of Business Trend Watching 'beyond the hype':

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